Monday, January 16, 2006

Dancing in the Rain!

You know when you get this recurring picture or scene playing over and over in your mind? Throughout different times of the year, or during varying phases of your life, you seem to picture yourself in a, if you may, déjà vu realm. When you shut your eyes for a while and see yourself in a certain situation, or a certain state?

I’ve always considered myself a dreamy, romantic person. I’m turning 25 soon, but ever since I was around 12, I remember clearly having the same vision of me happily dancing in the rain. The streets deserted; the puddles interrupted by splashes and ripples of water droplets; the sky bright the entire city clean and shiny where the rain has left its mark. Yea.. that’s how I would exactly picture it. Oh and it would be night time for some reason.

And there is me right in the middle of it all, this charming scene, with arms stretched to the side, face looking up towards the dark blue sky to take in all the rain can bring – the cool breeze, the refreshing, unpolluted water, and the pleasure of the moment. Geared up with long boots, I would then swirl around in the puddles, stomp my feet in tune with a rhythm playing in my head, dancing my worries away, washing my stresses with every descending droplet from the heavens.

I can picture myself RIGHT NOW as I try to put my dreamy scene into words. An exhilarating feeling overwhelms me; one that makes me distress and feel at ease at once. Amazing!!
The irony of it all is that this dream remains an unrealized one. Year after year, I keep yearning, with the very same intensity and passion, for the chance to go out there in the middle of the road when the rain is pouring, and to just leave myself to nature and sway childishly into the depths of my all-time fantasy.