Monday, December 12, 2005

Somewhere Between...

Somewhere between...
the nights out... to ‘lets go for coffee”
the inside jokes... to the late night talks

somewhere between...
hurting inside... to new loves
the old loves... to all about hating love

somewhere between...
the Mena summers... to the fondest memories
the girls nights... the "getting ready"

somewhere between...
greatest fears... to teenage dreams
to the pain and tears... to countless nights

somewhere between...
the “I'll be there for you's”... to the “I miss you's”
to the bonding... to the secrets

somewhere between all this, I found myself the greatest friend in the world. We grew together, at times we grew apart. I found myself in a friendship that means everything to me. I realized how valuable you are to me... Somewhere in between there’s you and me, with trust... we found out life, and how to live it. We found out how to love, we found out ourselves.. and on the way, we found out we're best friends..

-- Dedicated to Shorouk, my all-time best friend, with love.


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